Monday, October 14, 2013

Married Life

Married life is so much better this time around. Scynthe and I see each other daily, our children rely on us for their care and well being. I am truly happy. There are times that I yearn to be out in battle, using my skills and feeling the power run through my veins again, but I know that when I get back out into the field that I will be homesick just as much. Our new home business is picking up, Scynthe is getting so many orders that I'm needed to help here and there. Perhaps I can throw some of my own cloth creations in there, maybe a stuffed toy or two?

The children though...I just love to look at them. Imagine what their futures are, who they'll be, what they'll do. They're full of such potential, having such a powerful father...loving parents and...and...
The possibilities are endless! I don't know how I got so lucky.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Going to the Chapel.

He's proposed! I'm so glad and so's such a great feeling, even though this...well it doesn't really change anything. It doesn't change our love. I'm just so in love with the idea, being his forever by more than just our claims. The law notices that we're one and the same, we are one. Our family will be whole, all of us. I know that it's nothing but titles and laws, but to me it makes me feel...accepted. We are recognized as two elves who give themselves over to each other daily and nightly.

Though something does make me feel a little odd. Kaledrei wasn't dead. She's come back and is, well she's back and I'm not sure what she really wants. If she wants to see Zephenaye, that is fine, though I can't help but wonder if she'll want to have part custody of her? Will she have her on the weekends? It's not that I'm against her seeing her daughter, I would do anything to see my children. Though is it a different thing to want a child that you lost in his or her youth? I don't know much but I do know that Zephenaye was very young when Kaledrei disappeared. Would it be right for me to leave Trysten now and come back much later wanting to just take him with me? Again, diary, please don't think that I'm being selfish or jealous against Kaledrei, I'm nothing of the sort. I only have questions.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Parting the Mists

Things are changing even more rapidly now. Glenshadow has passed on, Birodil has gone from the tribe for good and things are different. A new land has been discovered and I've been there! Of course, I've been there. It is called Pandaria and it's home to these curious Pandariens. They're fuzzy and look like bears. That's all I've to say about that. I've seen greater heights than I think the World Tree in Kalimdor! It's all so beautiful there and I've got to say it's growing on me as the people are peaceful as well. Though I did run into Westel last night.

His hair was long and I just thought I'd comment on his longer locks when the entire conversation went towards me being press ganged! Can you believe it? That Astoreth was only visiting when some general asked her who her commanding officer was and when she didn't have an answer he GAVE her one! Westel thinks that even being seven months pregnant would be enough lee way for him to give me a job to do. He told me to go back home and enjoy my family. So much of this new place is not a warzone...though I would hate to drag Zephenaye and Trysten into it. I just hate being walled up in those caverns. I hate it. The tension grows worse there by the day and I can't stand it. 

Friday, September 14, 2012


Everything is just so awkward now. At the moment. Not with Scynthe, no he's just as loving as the first day that we met. We're still passionate about each other. Sometimes I just don't want to say...I haven't seen Westel for a time. That's nothing new, I just wonder. I had invited him and his wife Astoreth to sup with us one night here sometime. I've just been so terribly busy.

Westly stepped down as regent a while back, Glenshadow hasn't been in the tribe for quite a while either. The last I heard was that he was up north with his son. Urukha has effectively taken over the tribe. Things are...changing. New spiritual posts are being erected in the tribe. They say that there is to be a leader from each respective spiritual plane. I assume they meant warlocks as well. I don't know if I'd be fit or good for the position and I don't imagine I will try hard to get it. So many changes. The tribe is just different in some way.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer Vacation

The vacation is going along just fine. We've been showing the children some of the sights that Scynthe and I have both seen many times over but they are both seeming to enjoy it. It's a little more exhausting than I thought, chasing children all over the globe. Scynthe and I are sometimes too tired to think of anything but sleep in each hotel room we visit. I don't mind that at all,  because I do know that we dream of holding each other at night. I must admit that it's funny to wake up before him some mornings and see him sprawled out on the covers in almost nothing.

If only people could see him the way I do. I understand that there isn't the biggest fan club for him in the tribe. People that pass him just treat him with indifference because they think that he's cold and quiet...and a prude. In reality he is none of those things, he is sweet, loving, kind, gentle and passionate. He cares for his family and makes no fuss out of whose parentage is whose. It's like I see an entirely different man once we're alone together, but it doesn't bother me in the least. His reserved nature is nothing to be embarrassed about, it's just another part of who he is and I wouldn't change any part of my love for anything. It just creates a bigger mystery for those that do not know him I suppose. I wonder what would happen if he had more male companions around. From what I've seen he doesn't seem like the type to go drunkenly parading around town. You know...I've not really...seen him drunk. Mission for Posterity: Soon we'll test that factor.

He's waking up now, that hair...that smile of his when he wakes up. Oh it's to die for.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

To be

Once again I find myself with child. Scynthe, I'm building such a family with him. It makes me want to spin around like a little girl, like the little girl that I once was. He says such, such things that I don't know how to explain them. They will always just be between him and I, but to say that he adores me is no stretch at all.

Oh how I love him with all of my heart, my soul. I wonder though why he's told me that he's a terrible person, that he's done terrible things. I've seen terrible and beyond. I can't imagine him doing much worse than I've done. Drugs, sex and violence, I don't think I'll ever explain them to my children, but if he ever asked that of me I would. I would tell him. Honestly though I feel so different, so much younger and full of life than when I was bumming around in Murder Row. If he never delights to tell me what he thinks that he's done then I will trust him with that.

Though with this business of his late wife rising from the dead in spirit. He seemed more detached and like he did not belong to me. I know he does, but this is just exasperating.

Trysten is waking up, I'll have to put this up for now.

Friday, April 13, 2012


It's been so long since I've written, but I don't feel like I've had much to write about. No troubles facing me, a loving boyfriend and two children whom I love so much.

Though I am getting nervous. Nearly two weeks ago Scynthe and I were offered a week's reprieve from the coughs that had plagued us. It hasn't returned as the mother spider said that it would, I don't see any symptoms returning in either of us. Did we have anything to begin with? Is this a dream? Was it a dream?

We collected the items neccesary for the cure as it is. Hopefully the cure will be created soon.

Westel...he's falling out with me. He doesn't seem to like any move that I make anymore, especially ones that make me happy. He-....As Scynthe puts it he treats me like a child.

Westel, don't make me regret anything. We've both got great power over each other, that you know.